Video Transcript

Whether you choose IT, marketing, finance or another corporate career path at AAA, you’ll be making a positive impact and supporting member facing employees who provide our legendary service. It was formed in the early 1900s as to be an advocate for the motorist, and it’s been here ever since. It’s due to multiple wars and recessions and depressions. You know people like to pull out their membership card and say, hey, look, I’ve been with you guys for 90 years. We are multiple companies within a company, you know, if you’re looking to do something different in a career you have opportunities within the company. If I can make your job easier and simpler and I can make it easier for us to carry this company forward into the next 100 years. That’s really where I feel like my role is powerful in the organization. We have that common goal of creating our members for life and each department plays into that. We’re big on training because we want to make sure that we treat our members consistently and fairly and do the right thing properly. AAA gives a technical person the ability to grow the skill sets we have on the real different types of systems programming languages. You don’t get stagnant or bored. No one wants to use insurance. No one wants to have a bad day. No one wants to have their house burned down. But what we do is build the systems to when that event happens. It’s very easy for our front line employees to take care of our members and take care of their needs. We’re trying to make sure that we have a really good core foundation of a relationship with the member and ultimately, that the starting point of that is our employees. I don’t see my co-workers as co-workers. I see them as family members we’re constantly looking to support each other. I like the company. I enjoy the people I work with. I go to work every day and when I leave I know I’ve accomplished something. I like that feeling.