Video Transcript

AAA delivers legendary service that our members have come to know and trust. Whether in roadside assistance, insurance, or travel, a career in the customer contact center allows you to have a direct impact on helping people every day. I honestly wanted to help people that is basically what I wanted to do. I really wanted to help people. I can’t physically change a tire, but I can send somebody out there that can help. We are a member based company, so we treat our members like family. And it trickles down to how the employees are treated. AAA has been around for many, many years. And they definitely have that stability that I was really looking for. We foster an environment of family of team of teamwork. We can’t accomplish our mission by ourselves. When an agent gets hired then the mentors are assisting them. We also have continuous training. One thing I like about AAA is we hire from within. How we view it in sales, if you’re happy and you’re excited to come to work you’ll do well. I wake up every morning excited to come to work knowing that I make a direct impact on my team and our members across the country. No Company that’s been around for over 100 years has done it on accident. It’s because of excellence.