Careers at AAA | Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is our Talent Community?

Our Talent Community is a AAA-specific opt-in network hosted by Symphony Talent where you may provide contact information and receive news about our company’s careers. By joining, you give us permission to provide timely and targeted content about our organization and our job opportunities.

2. How do I join AAA’s Talent Community?

To join our Talent Community, click the “Join our Talent Community” button in the “Career Search” box. By entering just a few pieces of information about yourself, you can join in seconds. You may also use online profiles such as Facebook or Google to provide additional information.

3. How do I submit an application for a position?

We have an online application process. To apply online, perform a job search and select a position for which you would like to apply. Simply fill out the application and attach your resume. You can monitor your application status by logging into your AAA Applicant Account, and you’ll be notified by a recruiter if you are being considered for a position.

You may update your application or apply for another position at any time. We keep the information from your application and your résumé in our applicant tracking system, and we may match you to another position and contact you to determine your interest. Be sure to check back and apply for future openings, and sign up for our Talent Community by clicking on the “Join our Talent Community” link.

4. Will I have to take an assessment to help determine if I am qualified for a position?

We often administer online assessments to assist in the selection process. If we request that you take an assessment, you’ll answer questions on your personal computer or at one of our offices. If you successfully complete the assessment, you may be invited for a telephone or in-person interview. If you don’t successfully complete the assessment and you’d like to be reconsidered for the position, you may retake the assessment six months after your original assessment date. We cannot offer any specific feedback regarding your assessment results.

5. What if I have a problem completing the online application or assessment?

Our online application works best when running in the newest version of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome on a PC or Mac. Please note that for security reasons, our online application will time out after approximately 10 minutes and our assessments will time out after four minutes of inactivity. Assessments are not currently compatible with mobile devices.

Common Assessment Issues and Solutions:

  1. Unable to sign in to take the assessment.
    • Exit from the assessment invitation email and go directly to our career site to login. Reset your password and login in. Clear your internet history by accessing the “Tools” menu on your browser. Then return to the assessment invitation and login using the exact username and password you used to successfully log into the career site.
  2. After logging in to take the assessment you may receive an error message that the system is down temporarily for maintenance.
    • This is only temporary system maintenance. Please wait an hour and try again to complete the assessment.
  3. After logging in to take the assessment, you immediately received a message that your results have already been received and you are unable to take the assessment.
    • If you have previously completed an assessment for the same position your results will stay on file. If you are unable to successfully complete an assessment, you may retake it after 6 months have passed.
  4. After logging in to take the assessment it only took 15-20 minutes to complete and the notice said it would take 45-60 minutes.
    • If you have previously taken a similar assessment, your prior scores will map over and you will only need to take any missing portions of the assessment.
  5. You are unable to hear any audio during the call center assessment or the test will not progress/move forward.
    • Contact tech support at 1-800-899-7451, option #1.

6. If I haven’t completed my college degree but it is in progress, how do I let AAA know about the college coursework that I have completed?

This is a significant achievement and we know you want to share your educational progress. Therefore, please select “Some college” on our application. Feel free to go into more detail about your educational background on your résumé. Be sure you do not misrepresent yourself as having a degree if you are still working toward it. Keep up the good work!

7. After I apply, how soon will I receive a response from AAA?

You will receive an automated email response. Because of the high volume of applications received, we cannot offer personal responses.

8. If I apply for multiple jobs with the same job title, will that increase my chances of being hired?

Because we have so many applicants to consider, we want to ensure that you apply for jobs that you truly feel you meet the qualifications for and are interested in.

Think critically about your application and consider researching career search tips. If you have found that you have applied for a variety of positions and are still not receiving a positive response, consider revisiting your application and/or resume to see if you have presented yourself in the best possible light.

9. How do I find a job that’s right for me?

You may search our positions by entering keywords in our Search Jobs Toolbar in the middle of our career site home page or on any other pages throughout the site. You may redefine your search by entering keywords or choosing from a drop-down list on the Search Results page. Select the position you are interested in and choose “Apply Now.” You will receive a confirmation that your application has been successfully submitted. It will be immediately available to the recruiter responsible for filling the position.

10. How can I get in touch with a recruiter?

We prefer that you refer to this list of frequently asked questions for answers regarding our staffing process, so that our team of recruiters can review as many candidates as possible. Our primary method of communication is via email. If you experience technical problems, please send an email to our Jobs Inbox.

11. I am a friend of an existing AAA employee. Can they receive a referral fee if I get hired?

Referrals are our most valuable recruitment source. We encourage our employees to refer their qualified friends and families to our positions. Please be sure you indicate the AAA employee’s name in the online application’s “Referral Source” field to ensure they receive credit for the referral—and possibly a referral award!

12. What background and drug screening processes does AAA use?

Being honest about your background and accomplishments is one of the best ways to show us that you share our values. If you are made an offer of employment, we have a background and drug screening process that may include:

  • Background screenings: We screen for criminal record, employment history, educational background, Social Security number verification, motor vehicle record, and credit record (for select positions.) It is very important that you provide us with accurate information. By not doing so, you risk a job offer being rescinded or your employment being terminated.
  • Drug screenings: If you are made an offer of employment, we conduct pre-employment drug screening. We test for cocaine, methamphetamine, marijuana, opiates, and PCP, as permitted by law. Candidates that test positive for illegal drugs or decline to be tested may be denied employment and be subject to a rescinded job offer. Additionally, we conduct random drug testing for certain positions, where permitted by law.

13. What is your interview process like?

If you are contacted by a recruiter for an interview, it could be a phone or an in-person conversation. Be prepared for the recruiter to ask you questions regarding your skills and experience. You should also be sure to thoroughly read the job posting prior to the interview. Remember that this is an opportunity for you to discover more about AAA and the position for which you have applied.

If you are selected to participate in an in-person interview, remember to put your best foot forward and dress professionally. The interview is designed to gauge how well your skills and prior experience fit the current job opportunity. You’ll also learn more about the job and the actual working environment. Be prepared to ask questions of the hiring manager, as we want to ensure our organization meets your needs.

14. How do I print out a copy of my application/job submission?

If you wish to print a copy of your application/job submission, visit our career site at Under the Job Search tab drop-down list, select “My AAA Applicant Account.” This will redirect you to a Login page where you will be asked to enter your username and password. Once you Login, select “My Job Page” and the applications/submissions you have completed and any that may be still in progress will be displayed. Select “view/edit submission” for the particular job you would like to print. Near the top, left corner of the screen select “print/email.” You may print a copy of your application/submission by using your browser’s print command.

15. Once I receive a job offer, what are the next steps?

If you are selected to join AAA as an employee, you will receive a contingent job offer. The job offer is contingent upon receiving successful results from our background and drug screenings. After successful completion of these pre-employment screenings, you will be notified of your start date and provided with an offer letter that includes your position, location, salary, start date, and reporting manager. You will also be sent a summary of benefits offerings.

16. What should I expect on my first day of employment?

Depending on the position, first day experiences vary greatly. To make your first day on the job a smooth one, you will be given access to Club Hub, our company employee portal that offers a wealth of helpful information for new employees.

You will also be asked to complete a variety of required employment documentation, such as an I-9 form. Please bring appropriate documentation of your eligibility to work in the United States on your first day.

Our dress code is conservative, so please remember to wear appropriate attire from head to toe. If you are concerned about whether or not your outfit would be appropriate for work, it is best to opt for something more conservative.

17. If I can’t find the answer to my question here, whom may I contact for additional assistance?

Although we have attempted to address most of the questions we receive from applicants, we know there will always be something we haven’t thought of. If you haven’t found your answer and need further assistance or would like to request an accommodation, please email our Jobs Inbox. Be sure to include your name, the job code number for which you applied, and a description of the issue you are experiencing.

18. What types of data does the Club and Pleasant Holidays collect about applicants and how is it used?

The Club and Pleasant Holidays are required to collect certain personal information from and about workers to evaluate their qualifications; administer benefits; offer equal opportunity, training and job opportunities; monitor workplace health and safety; comply with an obligation or exercise a right conferred by law; manage our business operations; and serve our members.

For additional details regarding worker personal information we collect, please contact Human Resources at