Video Transcript


SPEAKER: With a career at AAA, you can break the routine of an ordinary career path. Thats because we recognize and celebrate the value that experience in one department can lend to another. At AAA, we support and encourage you to explore career paths and move within the company. In fact, 90% of our management is promoted from within, including many executives. Join a team of experienced professionals and explore multiple careers within one company.

GINA H.: I would have never guessed, walking in the door, I would have been here for 14 years. What has kept me here is that, as I’ve evolved as a person, and I’ve gotten more education, the company has allowed me to grow.

TIFFANI B.: We expect you to grow at AAA to flourish and understand what it is that we do at AAA and how we want to impact our member’s lives, so we can create memories for life.

TONY D.: You can start in road service. You can move into insurance. You can move on to travel. There are so many different avenues that you don’t have to stay stagnant in one place.

THOMAS K.: You know, when all of your training and the development and everything you’ve learned has been put into play, and you’re dealing with a member, and that person walks away satisfied and excited to be with AAA, that’s a great feeling.

KIM W.: Our AAA University has a significant amount of courses that we offer for personal and professional development. So there are things that will be related specifically to your job, but then there’s also various skill sets that you can learn, such as project management skills, leadership skills.

SPEAKER: AAA University offers extensive customized training to help you grow your career. In addition, we host career expos to help educate you about what training and career options may be best for you. So are you ready to go the extra mile? Then join us and see where your career can go with AAA.