Food and Fun Mark United Way Campaigns

From popcorn and lemonade to old-fashioned ice cream, employees are coming up with several tasty ways to raise funds for our United Way campaigns. ​ AAA Northern New England, hosted an event that featured a local ice cream shop, Beals.  “Their truck is called ‘Beals on Wheels,’ and we’ve had them come the last day of summer for the past couple of years,” said Linda Whitten, Manager of Human Resources, AAA Northern New England. “They’re a big hit!”

Our campaigns across the country have driven over $750,000 in annualized donations.  Thanks to everyone who is giving back to YOUR community.

Starting from left, are Laura McDonald, Operations Manager CSR, Linda Whitten (happily holding her Beals ice cream), and Jim Moreau, IS Manager, standing in front of the canned food donations at their Portland, Maine headquarters.

Photos courtesy of Linda Whitten